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An Historical Comedy

The play opens in a 1660s playhouse in Drury Lane, London, where Nell Gwynn is an ‘orange hawker’ whose wit and beauty soon get her noticed. She becomes an actress, causing merry havoc in a traditionally male world, and wins the heart of King Charles II. Can her charm and spirit protect her from the dangers of the Court? First performed in 2015 at The Globe, London.


Nell Gwynn is a tour de force of comedy, drama, song, dance and music. It follows the fortunes of one of England’s first female actresses, from orange hawker to actress, to the King’s mistress. The restoration of the monarchy also meant the restoration of theatre too. Under the Puritans, theatre in any form had been outlawed. King Charles II returned from exile in France and established two theatre companies – The Duke’s Company and The King’s Company. Practically every character in Nell Gwynn is a historical figure, and every event portrayed is historically documented.





Syd Mannion

Jan Saussey

Stage Manager
Christina Christopher

Asst. Stage Manager
Robyn Bull

Set Designer
Syd Mannion

Lighting Designer
Georgia Taylor

Sound Designer
Syd Mannion

Costume Design
Carol Evans

Wardrobe Assistant
Jeni Cottier

Properties Design
Tony Simmons

Portuguese Coach
Monica Silveira

French Coach
Claire Nelson

Set Construction
Barry Duffy

Set Décor

Singing Coach
Kelly Harris

Sound recordist
Graham Morris

Michael Sanders

Promo Photography
Syd Mannion

Rehearsal Prompt
Jan Saussey

Production Manager
Jan Saussey

Set Painting

Props Management

Tech Operators

Adrienne (Ollie) Charlton

FOH Organiser
Colleen McMurchy

Box Office Manager
Ruth Dillon

Bar Manager
Robyn Fleming

Committee Liaison
Jan Saussey

Sarah Chong

Special Thanks
Susannah McDonald
Alan McDonald
Ana Maria de vos Sanchez