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Adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

A stage play by Jeremy Brock
Directed by Julian Harrison

Sunday 4 September
10.00am - 4.00pm

Dolphin Theatre
Rehearsal Hall
12 Spring St

For your audition:
Actors please read the play completely and select a scene from the play or a speech that showcases your character/characters of interest. We will have someone to read for you if required. English accents are required that are suitable to your character's social class. This is not a musical!!! So please don’t sing.


This will be a very popular show and a very memorable experience for all involved.


In the Nineteenth Century, orphan Oliver Twist is sent from the orphanage to a workhouse, where the children are mistreated and barely fed. He moves to the house of an undertaker, but after an unfair severe beating, he starts a seven-day runaway to London. He arrives exhausted and starving but is soon welcomed into a gang of pickpockets lead by the old crook Fagin. When he is mistakenly taken as a thief, the wealthy victim Mr Brownlow brings Oliver to his home and shelters him. But Fagin and the dangerous Bill Sykes decide to kidnap Oliver to burglarize Mr Brownlow's fancy house. This again throws Oliver into danger and requires much bravery on the part of others to save Oliver and unravel the mystery to Oliver’s true identity.


Although the location of the story is Victorian London, actors should aim for a more attainable British accent. East London, Cockney or any regional accent is acceptable for the lower class characters and RP for the upper class. Characterisation is essential in Oliver Twist, and actors are encouraged to go for broke! We will need a large variety of ages at auditions as there are lots of roles for young and old. Many of the cast will have more than one substantial speaking role.


Oliver Twist: Ages 8-12yrs. Oliver is a young, good-hearted and kind orphan who is often mistreated.

Fagin: An old man who is the leader of a gang of child thieves. Fagin has a manipulative, greedy and vicious side to his personality but should also be a loveable type of villain.

Fagin’s Gang:
Barney, Toby, Charlie, Leonardo, Josie, Lottie & Others: Ages 8-16.

Workhouse Children:
Skinny, Belly, Bird, Sneak & Others: Ages 8-16.

Mr Brownlow: Mr Brownlow is a very respectable-looking elderly gentleman. He takes a liking to Oliver even after suspecting him of stealing his handkerchief, and takes him in, doing everything he can to help him.

Nancy: Ages 16-25 yrs. Nancy is a young woman and prostitute raised into that profession by Fagin. Nancy eventually betrays Fagin and Sikes to save Oliver and pays for this decision with her life.

Bill Sikes: Ages 35-50yrs. Bill is a large man who has a vicious temper. An alcoholic thief who often works with Fagin, and is in a relationship (of sorts,) with Nancy. He often mistreats Nancy and eventually kills her. We need to be scared of this man.

Rose Maylie: Ages 16-20yrs. Rose is Mrs Maylie’s niece. She is both intelligent and kind.

Mr Bumble: Ages 50-75yrs. Mr Bumble is the beadle of the parish, a fat and choleric man who takes great joy in abusing those below him, and is often offended by their impositions on him. Actor needs to have good comic sense.

Monks (also known as Edward): Ages 25-35yrs. Edward is Oliver’s half-brother, who goes by the alias Monks. He offers to pay Fagin to corrupt Oliver so that he may have Oliver’s inheritance. An evil man needs to have some presence to him.

Mrs Maylie: Mrs Maylie is an older lady, who is dignified and stately. She is the owner of the mansion that Sikes attempts to rob, she also takes Oliver in.

The Artful Dodger: Ages 10-16 yrs. Jack Dawkins is better known as the artful Dodger, he is common looking enough but with the airs and manners of a gentleman although he is around Oliver’s age. He is Fagin’s best pickpocket, and it is he who finds Oliver and leads him to London and to Fagin’s place.

Widow Corney: Ages 50-75. Mrs Corney, later Mrs Bumble, is the matron of the workhouse at which Oliver was born. She has been a widow for twenty-five years and ends up marrying, dominating and humiliating Mr Bumble. Comic ability needed.

Mr Losberne: Ages 40+ Mr Losberne is the doctor who tends to Oliver after the shooting, an eccentric, kind, hearty and gentleman, who often acts without forethought, but is universally liked. He agrees to help the ladies try to protect Oliver.
Mr or Mrs Grimwig: Ages 50+ male or female role. Mr/Mrs.Grimwig is an old friend of Mr Brownlow’s, who is a little rough in manners, but a worthy man/woman. He/she talks something like a parrot and has a strong taste for contradiction.

Noah Claypole: Ages 13-18. Noah is an unlikeable teenage boy who works for the undertaker and enjoys bullying Oliver. Height would be an advantage. He is in love with Charlotte.

Mr Giles: Ages 50+ Mr Giles works as butler and steward to Mrs Maylie. He shoots Oliver during the robbery, which he is at first very proud of, then very guilty about.

Mr Sowerberry: Ages 40+ Mr Sowerberry is the parochial undertaker who takes Oliver on as an indentured servant. He rather likes Oliver, but cannot stand up to his wife’s hatred of the orphan.

Mrs Sowerberry: Ages 40+ Mrs Sowerberry is the undertaker’s wife, a woman with a vixenish countenance, who has a strong dislike for Oliver, and treats him accordingly.

Charlotte: Ages 15-18. The Sowerberry’s servant, Charlotte will do anything for Noah Claypole.

Mr Fang –Judge: Ages 40+. Mr Fang is the magistrate to whom Oliver is taken when accused of stealing the handkerchief. A man with a temper.

Mr Limbkins: Ages 25-60. Mr Limbkins is a member of the board of the workhouse.

Other Speaking Roles Include: Old Hags, Young Woman, Doctor, Lady Stock Jobber, Paupers, City Nobles, Market Sellers, Copper, Passers By, Court Clerk, Officer, Nurses, Mrs Brittles, Crowd.

Extremely moving and very Funny, the non-musical version returns Oliver Twist to his rightfully grim Dickensian home.
— New York Times

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Production Dates

Friday 11th Nov - Saturday 3rd Dec
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