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  • 12 Spring Street
  • Onehunga, Auckland, 1061
  • New Zealand

for the Romantic Comedy



Written by Ron Aldridge
Directed by Rae McGregor

Sunday 31 July at 1:30pm
Dolphin Theatre
12 Spring St, Onehunga

Call Backs
Tuesday 2 August at 7:30 pm



For your audition:
Please prepare a short monologue.
You will also be expected to read a portion from the play alongside another actor.


Tony, Frank, and Sarah were once the Frank Daniels Song and Dance Trio. They were reasonably successful and both Frank and Tony loved Sarah.

Come forward three decades and the play opens with Tony in a nursing home and he is dying. Sarah and Frank come to see him.  They are not welcomed by him but they stay and begin to remember the old days. This isn’t just three people reminiscing about their old times because into the play come three young actors who sing and dance as the oldies once did. The play interweaves the past and the present. Sarah has always loved Tony but married Frank and has stayed with him. Was this the biggest mistake of her life? Do we really have soul mates? Can we fix mistakes we made in the past? These questions become part of a funny, warm and poignant play.


Tony (50s or 60s)
Frank (50s or 60s)
Sarah (50s or 60s)
Young Sarah (20s-30s)
Young Tony (20s-30s) 
Young Frank (20s -30s)
(all ages are approximate)

The young trio need to be able to sing in tune and to do some dance steps

This play drew me in – I wanted to know about the characters and furthermore I cared what happened to them. The relationship between them is touching, funny, sad, wistful, and humorous and flips your emotions through ever more acute angles as the story progresses. At times I thought I was the one on the heart monitor- high on laughter one moment and flatlining with sadness the next.
— Debby Taylor and Jeanette Ross for Theatreworld Internet Magazine.

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Tues & Thurs 7.30 – 10.00 pm
Sun 1.00pm – 4.30pm
(times negotiable)

Production Dates

Friday 23rd Sept - Saturday 8th Oct
Two week season only