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  • 12 Spring Street
  • Onehunga, Auckland, 1061
  • New Zealand

New Zealand premiere

Principal Principle

By Joe Zarrow
Directed by Sheila Summers

Sunday 17th April
Rehearsal Hall
Dolphin Theatre
12 Spring Street
1:30pm - 4:00pm

Director’s Note

The play is set in the staff room of a Chicago High School. Standard American accents are required. The aim is to create a multi-cultural cast, Shelley and Ola should be African-American or similar, Mrs Banerjee should be of Indian or East Asian extraction (in which case her name would be changed to Mrs Wei). This play is thought provoking, passionate and wickedly funny. Good comic timing is essential.

There are very few excellent plays about public education. This is one.
— Chicago Tribune


Armed with dreams of changing the world, along with an accelerated certification programme for ‘career changers’, Kay quits her corporate job to teach English in a Chicago public high school. On her first day in the English Lit office, she finds the copy machine, the system and the spirit of her fellow teachers are all broken. Or are they? A dark comedy of academic intrigue that takes a peek at the politics behind the closed door of the teachers’ lounge.

Cast Required

Kay Josephs
25 – 35  Caucasian.
First year English teacher. Looks smart and harmless. She is eager to learn, to fit in and to succeed by following the rules.

Denise Corey
55 – 65. Caucasian.
Veteran English teacher. Proud of her skill as a teacher, witty, ready for retirement but still energetic.

Ola Lawrence
35 – 45  African-American or similar.
The new Head of the English Department. Nervous, diplomatic, a peace-maker.

Shelley Woods
25 - 35  African-American or similar.
Experienced and successful English teacher. Acerbic, flirty, slightly manic.  A fighter. Very popular with her pupils.

Mrs Banerjee / Mrs Wie
35 – 45  Indian-American or East Asian.
The principal of the high school, driven, businesslike, a good public speaker.

Recorded voice of School Secretary has already been cast for technical reasons.

Joe Zarrow’s bracing new comedy respects the system and the audience… The interoffice debates over educational philosophy get fiery (and provoked some amen’s in the audience at the preview performance I attended), but to the great credit of the playwright, director Scott Bishop and a first-class cast, the arguments always feel rooted in character, and Zarrow coats them thick with gallows humor… this clear-eyed glimpse into the teachers’ lounge makes hearty laughs. FOURS STARS [out of five].
— Kris Vire, Time Out

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Commence Thursday 28 April 2016
Tues & Thurs 7.30 – 10.00 pm  &  Sun 1.00pm – 4.30pm
(times negotiable)

Production Dates

Friday 17th June - Saturday 2nd July
Two week season only