Q&A with Richard De Luca

Playwright and Actor Richard De Luca talks to us about his play ‘Death of a Dream’ which was short listed for the Playmarket Adam NZ Play of the Year Award and Highly Commended by the Playwrights Assoc of NZ. The play will be premiering at Dolphin Theatre, Onehunga.

Q; What made you write a sequel to the classic Arthur Miller play ‘Death of a Salesman’

I have always loved ‘Death of a Salesman’ and wanted to explore why it’s still relevant so many years after it was written.  In many ways it’s because it explores timeless themes - what is success, what is a good life, what makes a good man?  Arthur Miller wanted to look at public issues in the private space - I have attempted the same.  There is much debate about what has become of the American Dream under the Presidency of Trump.  The “dream” of my play refers to both the American Dream (adopted by most western nations) and Willy Loman’s dream to leave a legacy to his sons.

Q: Would you describe ‘Death of a Dream’ as a tragedy

It is tragic in the way it looks at failure and how the modern obsession with success has such terrible consequences.  Willy’s life was tragic in that he did not achieve what he set out to achieve, and it becomes more tragic in light of the consequences of his actions on his sons and grandson.  

Q: What do you hope audiences will take away with them after seeing ‘Death of a Dream’

I hope that the play will make audiences think about their own lives and the decisions they make.  What makes a successful life?  What really matters? 

Q: Why did you choose the Dolphin Theatre to premiere your play.

The Dolphin Theatre has been tremendously supportive.  They hosted a staged reading of an early draft which helped finish the script and their willingness to stage a new play says so much of their position as a pre-eminent community theatre.
I can’t thank them enough.

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