1 Act Play Festival

Season Dates: 16th - 20th May

Audition Date: Sunday 18th March 2018

Time: between 10am to 4pm (see specific play details for times)

Where: Dolphin Theatre, 12 Spring St, Onehunga

We have 3 plays in our 2018 One Act Season, one of which is a musical, so something for everyone!

21 Chump Street: The Musical

Music and Lyrics: Lin Manuel Miranda
Director: Zane Fleming
Musical Director:  Erin Fagan
Choreographer: Rebekkah Schoonbeek-Berridge

About the play: "21 Chump Street" is a new One Act Musical brought to us by the award winning mind behind In The Heights, Disney's Moana and Hamilton. Based on a true story as reported in the series This American Life, 21 Chump Street is a cautionary tale of a high school senior who falls for a cute transfer student. He goes to great lengths to oblige her request for marijuana in the hopes of winning her affection only to find that his crush is not entirely what she seems. 21 Chump Street discusses the ramifications of peer pressure, conformity and drug use in schools, hopefully leaving everyone with a message that will stay with them long after they leave the theatre.
Estimated running time: 30 minutes

Cast: 7 (All ages and ethnicities welcome)

Narrator : Principal type, speaks with a knowledgeable tone. Not swayed by what’s going on, just relays the facts. Minimal singing and dancing.
Justin: (must pass for 18) Our leading man is a go-getter. If he wants something he lets nothing stand in his way.   Charismatic and likable. Strong singer is a must, some dance/movement experience is a plus.
Naomi: (must pass for 18 +) Our leading female is a classic cool chick type of girl. All the guys want to date her and all the girls want to be friends with her. But she’s got something to hide. Need to portray very different personalities through-out the show. Strong singer is a must, some dance/movement experience is a plus.
PLEASE NOTE: in the show this character is described as a "a light skinned Puerto Rican / Dominican, long hair, great body.
Chorus (4): (range of ages) 2F,  2M.  All chorus for this show play students, drug dealers and police officers.  This means quick costume changes and clear character changes (strong singers and dancers are a must)

For full play details and to book an audition please CLICK HERE


Play: 12hr Life

Playwright: Robert Scott
Co-Directors: Abby Lawrence and Bianka Lee

About the play:  Dylan meets Samantha in a chance encounter and tries to cram everything he's been missing into the shortest possible time. Estimated running time: 30-35 minutes
Cast: 1M, 1F
Dylan Macpherson: (mid 20’s to early 30’s) Lived a life of expectations. Constantly played his life safe despite the unhappiness it has caused him. Often lost, wishing he was someone else, but when he meets Samantha he sees a way out. Someone finally listens to him.
Samantha Eaton: (early 20’s to early 30’s)
Samantha is a diamond in the rough and doesn’t regard herself as anybody special. Lost, and alone she is always dreaming and constantly haunted by her past. Her mouth works quicker than her brain and she seems constantly on the run. In Dylan, she finds a kindred spirit but is still wary of him getting too close.  As much as she wishes to feel love, she is afraid of it.

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Play: Hidden in This Picture

Playwright: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Christina Christopher

About the play: Two friends [Robert and Jeff] are taking their theatre partnership to the big screen in their first film. Behind schedule and over budget they’re preparing for the final scene and watching calmly as an army of extras moves into action for the last sunset. An unforeseen problem occurs, panic strikes leaving these two friends [Robert and Jeff] trying to find a plausible solution while questioning their work, their relationship and even making movies.  Estimated running time: 40 minutes

Cast: Traditionally 4 men, however am open to mixed or all female cast
Robert (Director): in his early 30s. A cynical visionary
Jeff (Playwright/screenwriter): in his early 30s. Bit of ladies’ man, slightly over dramatic
Craig (Production assistant): mid 20s – small part. Young, eager to please/ brown nosy type
Reuben (Studio Exec): in his early 40s – v. small part. Suit & Tie, slicked back hair type

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