By Roger Hall  :  Directed by Julia Leathwick

Sunday 19 November at 1:30 pm

Roger Hall's great gift for creating a setting in which a diverse group of characters are drawn together is rarely better displayed than in this play. Irresistibly funny and satirical.



A farce set in a lakeside holiday home in Taupo, New Zealand, in the very politically incorrect 1980s - just mix together a family of city folk, a jetlagged Granny fresh from Britain, and a probation officer daughter with her unexpected Maori husband …. oh -  and don’t forget the “ever so friendly” US exchange student and you are guaranteed a Christmas celebration like no other…  and that’s before we even meet the shot gun blazing deer farmer living next door……

A fun-filled romp full of mixed messages, mistaken identities, and numerous near misses.  

Cast required:   We are looking for a cast with great comic timing, prepared to work hard, have fun and enjoy the process. 

  • Harriet Palmer, 45-plus, wife of Arthur, a North Shore bridge player who is quite happy with things just the way they are thank you very much

  • Arthur Palmer, 50-60, Auckland businessman, dresses well for age (mostly happily married but jealous of his younger brother)….

  • Clive Palmer, Late 30s-50s, younger brother of Arthur (height/physical similarity to Arthur is important), expensively dressed – your typical “yuppie”

  • Susie Palmer, 20-25, daughter of Arthur and Harriet. Works in “social services”.

  • Granny, 60+, mother of Harriet, visiting from the Motherland – THE LIFE OF THE PARTY

  • Jim Naylor, Late 30's +, a kilt wearing deer farmer Scots immigrant- slim build

  • Rangi, 25-30, New Zealand Maori, Husband of Susie, recently married, much more than meets the eye

  • Charmaine Kaminsky, 25-early 30's, American Rotary exchange student (wink wink)


             PRODUCTION DATES:  2 –  17 March 2018 (two week season)  

Firmly set amidst our New Zealand of the 1980s Hot Water is an hilariously nostalgic look back to the generalisations and prejudices of the era along with big hair, bigger shoulder pads, big laughs and a great big heart.

For more details and scripts please contact:

Julia Leathwick 09 634 6344 (evenings & weekends only) email:

Rehearsals:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30 – 10:00 pm & Sundays TBC